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Are you facing foreclosure? Are you facing possible eviction? Is your bank or mortgage company trying to take over your house and kick you out? If so, you have come to the right place.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 11

Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which is also called Liquidation, the trustee appointed by the court liquidates the assets for cash and uses those funds to pay creditors.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, sometimes known as an Adjustment of Debts for an Individual With Regular Income. Debtors may be allowed to retain their important assets such as a home prepare a repayment plan to repay creditors over time.

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How to fight foreclosure

How to Fight Foreclosure

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How To Fight Foreclosure Foreclosure is a legal process that allows a mortgage lender or municipality where you pay property taxes to seize your property to pay off what you owe in payments or back taxes. However, just because the lender or county files a foreclosure complaint against you doesn’t mean they’ll automatically win. Knowing

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